More About Tacoma Plantation Shutters Association

Plantation shutters are typically known as plantation shutters, but technically they are also called board shutters. A shutter is usually a stable and strong window covering consisting of either a wooden frame of fixed vertical rails and horizontal rails or louvers. Entrances to the shutters may include either a series of fixed louvers or may have a swing louver allowing for light to be let in while keeping out the heat or cold. Learn more by visiting Tacoma Plantation Shutters Association.

Plantation shutters are not normally made with just one type of shutter and typically there is a mix of wood shutter, roller shutter, as well as hardwood shutters in one house. Usually there is some kind of hardware used to hold the slats in place on the louvers. Plantation shutters are often referred to as French Doors because of this reason, but also because they look very much like they are part of the outside of the home. In addition to the louvers being part of the outside of the home, the interior of the home is covered by the wood shutter.

Although they look very much like they are part of the outside, they are actually very sturdy and provide an excellent and effective window treatment solution. Because of their strength, these types of shutters are usually not used for windows inside the house and are often used instead for exterior sashes on cars, boats, or other vehicles. In addition, they are perfect for windows and doors used as entrances to gardens, yards, or larger buildings. The use of plantation shutters as a window treatment option provides an effective solution to the problems associated with opening up windows on small or narrow windows or doors. Because they require no special skills to install, maintenance is also relatively easy, and if maintained properly, will last for a long period of time.