All about Clearing up the Mess After a Big Storm

As life is one of the realities, so are the natural disasters like Earthquakes and Hurricanes have changed the world we live in. Our recent past is full of examples where life totally changed due to those horrific natural disasters. Whether it’s Katrina, Tsunami or recent Nepal’s Earthquake in 2015. Life certainly changes for the affected part of the world, clearing up after a storm.

The most important factor which comes in mind after that is ‘Rebuilding’. Giving the Life Back!

Elements of Rebuilding Process

Following are the reasons and major pillars how nations rebuild their country after natural disasters:

1. Moral Support

Nothing gets better without a moral support. It seeds financial assistance and social awareness. Harvest more and more moral support in the rebuilding process of affected areas.

2. Financial Aid

Money can’t buy your life, but it can surely make your life easier. Financial aid is one of the kindest things anyone can ever do to the people who face such catastrophes in any part of the world.

3. Societal Efforts

Moral Support and Financial Aid are only possible when a society decides as a whole. Societal efforts will make the rebuilding process a whole lot easier.

How to Start Restoration

After the natural disasters, the biggest challenge is to getting back to life. To do so there are always steps to take and some of them to be taken immediately which are:

Clean the Area

Flood, Earthquakes and Hurricanes bring a dozen of challenges for human life, but one of the important and initial steps is the cleaning of the area that begins to recover the bodies and evacuate the affected people. If cleaning of the areas doesn’t get started as soon as possible, there can be serious health issues for people living and residing in the nearby places.

Fire Damage Restoration

Thunderstorm damages electricity, gas and other supplies. Short-circuit and other damages can cause flames that can trigger more ambiguity for the affected areas.

Water Damage Restoration

Water can be a cause of huge damages in the floods and hurricanes. The important thing in the recovery process is to fix the areas, roads and buildings damaged by the water. Hurricane Charley in 2004 affected areas such as Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. Total damages recorded as $16 Billion.

Wind Damage Restoration

The wind can damage the restoration process. It has been seen that the major parts of the areas are affected by the wind. Hurricane Ivan in 2004 took 124 lives and caused $18.82 damages. The wind speed was recorded as 270 kilometers per hour. The wind speed was recorded as 270 KM/P.