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Recently in an online forum a question was brought up about a professional and personable tax firm, which does excellent service and is recommended by several former clients. The question was: “I just found out that we have just had our last three IRS problems with payroll issues, which are taken care of by our CPA. Our accountant just informed us that our results for the past three years were over 2%”. This is good news considering the recent economic downturn. Visit here Jones CPA Group

The gentleman stated that his business, which include himself as the president and his wife as the secretary has been doing very well ever since he became a professional tax accountant and also added that his accountant was recently a certified public accountant. He was asked if he could give examples of what has made his business so successful. He replied by telling us that his business does very well because he has always had excellent communication with his employees (given his accountants), paid his taxes on time every single year, and also has never had any IRS problems. His main problem was that when he had trouble with one of his employees, it was more than likely an error on her part rather than anything wrong with the business itself.

He told us his biggest challenge was trying to get the accounting department to perform better and eliminate some of the clerical errors they were making (such as not having a complete balance sheet for the year). He stated that his professional tax firm, which he is no longer associated with, helped him get all these tasks done, as well as getting all his financial books up to date and accurate. He added that his new CPA, who he got after nearly fifteen years, is now certified and doing an excellent job. He was particularly pleased that his new tax accountant had worked with a former employee of his who had been a certified public accountant for twelve years. He further stated that he had gotten his new CPA because he liked his personality and ability to keep things straight, even when he was under pressure.