Roofing Business Marketing – Some Insight

The other day I saw an ad on the radio that almost made me jump at my coffee. After I regained control of my car I had to think about how few ads like this one caught my attention. Then it made me question if there would ever be roofing contractors willing to use such a controversial process.Do you want to learn more? Visit full article

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I don’t mean in the sexy way when I say provocative, I use the meaning “will carry a strong reaction.” I can’t tell you how many times the roofing contractors have told me they ‘re never going to say anything about the competition or any other brands. They tell me clients don’t like that. I believe on certain grounds but I don’t think it’s completely real.

So, what was the ad that captured my eye? Before I tell you the ad I’ll say it addresses a problem faced by many roofing contractors-low quality, cheap competitors. The ad was for the company Shane (you know, in the diamond business, your friend). Its deadpan spokesperson spoke the first sentence. “Our competitors diamonds are so cheap that they look like a chunk of frozen spit,” he said.

That’s the line I swept down the freeway. Then he went on to further increase the pressure by suggesting that if you were to purchase such a small, gloomy, milky diamond you might never ever be content with it and the loved one you gave it too.

I love advertisement. You may start feeling clients don’t really want that. I have to disagree, after some research. Let’s look at some of the more popular businesses and see whether they are utilizing the approach or not. Here are a few: Apple versus PC-Whopper versus Big Mac-Verizon versus AT&T-Ford versus Chevy. I could just keep going. Such businesses are crying out to the market and customers enjoy it and are reacting. It offers people the ability to connect with the product they want, which makes people invest into it.

Will that fit for selling the Roofing Contractor? Is performed fittingly. There was no specific mention of any competitor in the Shane Company advert. What it does was point out an clearly identifiable discrepancy (humorously) between the company and the rivals. It also clarified how the buyer should actually experience after buying the poor product and told them that shopping for them might effectively avoid the discomfort and humiliation.

These are concepts that could be quickly integrated into marketing materials for a roofing service. Take time to find points of distinction between you and your rivals, and so don’t be shy to think on those differences and promote them. But what if only my competitor would copy me? That’s cool, I’m going to think about a rarely heard marketing reality in my next article, “When you first tell it, you own it.” To a customer it never sounds as good to hear “Oh yeah …, we do that too.” Yeah, go ahead, be creative, the prospective buyers might just like it, even if they don’t!