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Cases for employment in criminal defence

Testimony by law enforcement officers has been given even more weight than it is now for years in court. With the rise of wrongful convictions and abuse by the police, the courts need further substantiation of the facts and evidence. Even with the deterioration of the economic financial status, several law enforcement agencies are making cuts in officer training and allowed on an investigation in time.

As a defense criminal investigator, due to the lack of police training , experience, or short cuts due to budget cuts being prosecuted in the criminal court system, I see more ineffective investigations or reckless investigations.You may want to check out Toland Law, LLC for more.

There is an array of tools out there for you as a defense prosecutor to use to prove the truth of your case.

An in-depth interview with your client (defendant) about the facts before, during and after the event will often help identify other associated individuals that may also be interviewed. This will be done even though the company has already released a statement to law enforcement. Many times the interview with law enforcement should concentrate on the actual case, not incidents leading up to and following the incident.

Quick every company today has cameras for surveillance. Seek to find all cameras in the local area, and not just the ones. (Search also for places outside where the actual incident took place). Attempt to search as many camera recordings as the business owners make you. Vehicles, car license plates (possible witnesses and other suspects) are the items to search for. Look for licensed owners of any vehicles found on these documents. Look at the customer’s description of the clothing and/or physical appearance. Even in sexual harassment cases, before the recorded attack, you may even have a video recording of your client and the suspected victim in a more intimate attitude.

Today almost every law enforcement agency publishes recorded crimes on a web page. Check certain pages for specific crimes of nature and the subjects’ physical descriptions. Also search the registry for convicted sex offenders residing in the region in the event of a sexual assault. Look for potential similarities between your client’s physical appearance and suspected sex offenders that have registered.

You should be given discovery during your enquiry. Discovery is the police investigation reports, photographs, recordings and the collected evidence items. Read these records carefully and even if the law enforcement has checked these details, you should conduct an impartial investigation into yourself. It involves questioning any witnesses who submitted statements. Both witnesses and the suspect will be conducting background checks. Photographs should be looked at carefully. Look past that which the photographer was trying to demonstrate. Often you’ll be able to recognize as potential witnesses vehicle license plates or even other individuals. Look for any information that law enforcement has failed to obtain or register.