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Cleaning Dryer Vent Tips

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This is an easy question to solve whether you are a professional repairer or even a normal Joe or Jane! Although repair of appliances on the same day is almost always available and very convenient, read on for helpful advice and knowledge about the tools you need to repair your own basic clothes dryer.

How will you vacuum your vent dryer?

Washing the clothing is fairly pointless, just to let them come out of the dryer looking bad than before. This may be attributed to a filthy pipe. The heat of the clothes may cause tiny fires on the lint as these are not properly washed out, flooding the system with a bad odour.

Let’s face it, you’ll want to make sure they look and sound new and clean as you take all the time and energy out of your busy schedule to pick your dirty clothes, place them in the washer, rinse them and fold them and hang them. Not sticky and wrinkled, this is the outcome you get when you’ve got a dryer with a filthy pipe!

Cleaning tricks for dryer vent

Once you continue the cleaning cycle, make sure your dryer is unplugged. Double test whether you have a gas dryer, whether the gas is off. (Security first!)

When you take the unit out from the ground, you may touch the vent so you can use a screwdriver to loosen the clamping of the dryer vent sufficiently to slip off the vent. Now here is the dryer vent cleaning enjoyable part! Move through the cavity in the back of the unit as much as you can, then brush out some lint then debris in the tube. For a very thorough cleaning, you can use the hose attachment of your vacuum. Continue the cycle of washing the tubing that you just cleaned.

Be sure the outside edges of the vent and the hose are tested, because that is where much of the accumulation should be.

Look through the vent and drain to see if anything was lacking before you re-attach the vent clamp to the dryer. Run the dryer with nothing inside for about ten minutes, to complete a dryer vent cleaning. This removes any residue left over from the washing unit.

And you’ve done all the tricks but still think you may require a skilled cleaning process?

If you think you need a qualified cleaning dryer vent, or the suggestions in the article have not helped you fix your problems, don’t worry! And if the dryer can not be repaired yourself, understanding what the issue is saves you time and resources by having the mechanic locate the issue.