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Mortgage payments sometimes include property taxes that are transmitted to the municipality on behalf of the borrower by the payment collection company. This can be arranged during initial negotiations for a mortgage. Do you want to learn more? Visit KB Mortgage.

The down payment on a home is at least 20 percent of the purchase price in conventional mortgage situations, with the mortgage not exceeding 80 percent of the appraised value of the home. A high-ratio mortgage is when the down payment on a home by the borrower is less than 20 percent. Canadian legislation requires lenders to buy mortgage loan insurance from the Mortgage and Housing Corporation of Canada (CMHC). If the borrower is defaulting on the mortgage, this is to protect the lender. The cost of this insurance is typically passed on to the borrower and when the home is purchased or added to the principal amount of the mortgage, it can be paid in a single lump sum. Mortgage loan insurance, if the borrower or the spouse of the borrower dies, is not the same as mortgage life insurance that pays off a mortgage in full. A mortgage pre-approval from a potential lender for a pre-determined mortgage amount will often be sought by first-time home buyers.

The pre-approval assures the lender that without defaulting, the borrower can pay back the mortgage. The lender will perform a credit check on the borrower to receive pre-approval; request a list of the assets and liabilities of the borrower; and request personal information such as current employment, salary, marital status, and number of dependents. A pre-approval agreement may lock-in a particular interest rate throughout the 60-to-90-day term of the mortgage pre-approval. For a borrower to obtain a mortgage, there are some other methods. “assuming an existing mortgage ÔÇťassuming an existing mortgage. A borrower benefits by saving money on attorney and appraisal fees by assuming an existing mortgage, will not have to arrange new financing and may obtain an interest rate much lower than the interest rates available in the current market.


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