Knowing How to Build a Wooden Fence

Wondering how to build a wooden fence? Any more concern. We ‘re asking you how to do it, and taking you through the most easy , simple process. First, you have to map out a line where you want the fence to be mounted. It will be along your property line, make sure it’s not on your neighbor’s house, otherwise there might be legal problems to address, not to mention fence relocation. For more details click Tampa Fence Builders Group.

Think about how high the fence you like to be. Six feet are usually the norm, but if you want a picket fence, that should be at least three feet high. Place the “end posts” instead, and use a group of “post hold diggers” to dig the holes. They should be dug deep enough, in order to support the fence structure. Consider the condition of the soil, the kind of fencing and the height. Ideally it is suitable for digging up to 30 centimeters. Once the end posts have been put in the holes, and then filled with dirt around them, change them as needed and test them for plumb.

Next, move the line of a builder from one end post to the other, making sure to maintain an equal height above ground. Lay the post holes out, and dig the remaining gaps. Then set the remaining posts, make sure to calculate the same distance to the building line from the top of each, and plumb them as you go along. The next move is to tightly pack up the backfill around them. Paint it in a pleasant colour, using a waterproofing sealer of good quality. This will contain either linseed oil, or silicone solids. For the finish color, using an oil based sealer. Now, you know how to build a wooden fence. But there are some tips to keep in mind, because it’s not enough to build a fence.

The first suggestion is to call the nearest utilities office, and ask them to mark your yard for pipes. Health is the highest priority, so you don’t want to interrupt either yours or your neighbor’s gas, telecommunications, or electricity lines. Be familiar with the fence regulations, as the last thing you want is to get a case slapped over. Speak to your neighbor, see if he has any objections to the fence being installed.

Indeed, learning how to build a wooden fence is not enough. If you need an affidavit on a property line, the code inspector will tell you that. Note that the fence-laying process can be quite difficult when the land is uneven (like hills, or steep ground). And if you have more than two shifts in height, you need to call in a specialist who can assist you. Mind to use the best and correct wood for fencing. A helpful idea is to soak the linseed oil bottom of posts, or sealer. You can also visit a hardware store to find out how to better repair the fence.